I have now added a lighting system for indoor environments. The aim  is to create realistic lighting sources.

I used this simple and easy to use plugin created by Terrax.

Before I would just darken environments but there was no real idea where light is coming from. For example here is a before and after of an abandoned factory environment.

Left (before) and right (after).


As you can see from the first one there is light source from the door now. In the second example you can still see an faint light source at the door but the player also naturally has a light aura so they see see around them.

The plugin also allows you to switch light sources. Like below how it goes from the door as a light source and then the lights once the switch is flipped.


For such a small thing it can make a big difference to the feel and tone of an environment.

If you are looking into a lighting lighting plugin for RPGMaker Mv I would recommend this one.