This is hopefully a blog I can do weekly to give updates on my upcoming puzzle adventure game - Future Proof. If not weekly I will try to do them as often as I am able. I want to give insight into the game so hopefully these series of blogs can help.

Currently in the game there are 13 endings, I had an idea for another one. This was the easiest to implement and will probably be the last I add.  I don't want to spoil it so I will keep it to myself. The endings are the collectables of the game. Players can check their progress from the start menu.

After each ending is obtained it updates and reveals it here.

After each ending is obtained it updates and reveals it here.

Next was to add art assets to game world. I am either replacing current assets with non-placeholder assets or adding new ones. These are provided by artist Matt Petrak. 


These include mostly outdoor art. Things that will help make the environment feel more alive and vibrant. For example... like the garden below.


Currently the trees are all green and all the grass is green so adding some different colored trees to add an autumn feel and make it not feel so mono-toned.






I am hoping to implement them soon and hopefully show them in the next blog post.