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A meteorite is about to hit the town of Greensvale and you don't have much time to find a way out!

You play as a teen-age boy named Sean who has the untapped ability to go back in time when he dies. Trapped in a time loop by the fiery death of a meteorite impact you must find a way to either escape or save the town from destruction.

You are not alone, however - with the help of several other stragglers in the town you will have to solve problems and find a way to help everyone, or yourself – you choose!

Be wary though, as nothing is as it seems in Greensvale and secrets are waiting to be discovered around every corner!


  • A single-player 2D puzzle adventure game with both challenging and rewarding logic-based puzzles.

  • The level of challenge you want to take on is up to you.

  • Complete freedom to explore the town of Greensvale.

  • Replay value - 14 different endings. If you want to find just one or all of them is up to you.

  • Collect items and clothing from around the town to help you solve puzzles and avoid dangers.

  • Visually fresh and unique inspired by 90's cartoons and classic games like Earthbound.

  • Fresh and interesting puzzles to solve.

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Early play-test testimonials                                                                                                                                         

"It was okay." - Daniel

"It's not the worst thing in the world." - Megan

"Meh." - Michael