I may be missing things, lines of thought may waver, grammar may be bad and arguments may be incomplete. Truth is I am tired of writing about this shit. I may edit and clean this up later.

Sausage Party Numbers

Budget: 19 Million

Box office: 140 million


Reviewers – 66/100

User scores – 56/100


82%-Reviewer Score (how?)

50% liked it - Audience Score

Where to begin…

I re-watched Sausage party. Wanted to see if hated just as much as when I watched it the first time several years ago. And…well…yes, I did. Going into the second watching I thought there may have been more than I suspected. I was wrong. Very wrong. Where to begin. Let’s start with the jokes.

All the jokes are centered around sexual innuendo, food puns, racial stereotypes and religious jokes. I think I only laughed out loud 2 times. I think they were both during the ‘massacre’ scenes. The first of these is a parody of the Saving Private Ryan beach landing scene. Some good bits in there I thought. Second is the famous scene from the trailer, they are taken back to the kitchen to receive what they think they are going to get paradise instead they are get slaughtered. The scene starts out joyous but soon turns into a horror scene. The but that got me was when the tomato is about to get a sliced open, he is pleading for his life, “No! I got a Familia!”. That one got me. Apart from those scenes it was pretty…well shit. Let’s get into why.

First thing that I noticed was that everyone swears all the time and it just seems like they do just because they can. None can seem to get through a sentence without a fuck, shit or bullshit. Vulgarity for vulgarity sake. No other real reason.  That pretty much sums up the movies humor. Nothing clever about a lot of it. The sexual innuendo jokes get tired about 3 minutes into the movie. The corn on the turd is the final ‘food porn’ scene. Just why? Is it funny cause, “food have sex?! That’s absurd food can’t do that haha.”.

In the movie the supermarket represents the real world. Isles of foods and types of foods represent different nationalities/races. If any of the representations slipped by you, you might be blind or deaf. There’s not much subtly in this movie. Let’s take the example of the introduction of the bagel and the falafel characters. From first glance you might be able to tell what they represent but they open their mouth and all doubt is gone. Bagel is Israel/Jews and falafel is Palestine/Muslims. But here comes the hammer on the back of your head, the music changes to the most generic middle eastern  theme they could think of. Amongst the great ones are the Tea Bag, soy sauce, tequila, sauerkraut and potato. Guess what stereotypes they may represent? I’m guessing they don’t really think much of the audience.

This movie had me feeling extremely uncomfortable in one particular scene. The douche character (the most pointless character which I will go into later) sticks himself up a human’s ass and then pulls in his testis to make him move. Made me wince many times. Just awful. Again vulgarity for vulgarity sake. I know I’m nit picking here but screw it. Fuck that bit.

People are allowed to like the type of comedy in this movie. I love a lot of really ‘stupid’ comedies. I just can’t enjoy it. The only two scenes of value to me cannot justify me calling this a funny movie.

“…But the undertone of the middle east relations”. Not one, but two, of my friends tried to use this argument when defending this movie. So here we go. Let’s explore what this movie is about. Let’s talk about it’s message and themes.


What is the movie really about? What is the message it is trying to send? I didn’t have to do much deciphering. It pretty much comes out and says it pretty explicitly towards the end. How do you change people’s minds? You need to inspire people to change their minds you can’t just slam their beliefs. A character close to the main character just says this out loud.

This is kind of a lesson the main character needs to learn. Problem is the lesson the main character needs to learn is not established early enough. We get it half way through the movie, they show us that this is a problem in an actually decent way. Through conflict. He learns about the truth of the great beyond he then attempts to tell Bun and the others about this but drives them away when he basically just insults their beliefs. Later in the movie he finds proof and shows everyone but he does it in the same manner and everyone turns on him. That’s when Dues Ex Machina shows up to help the main character (I will go into this later). To spell it out for him.

 There are a lot of religious and racial themes throughout the movie. A lot of theism vs atheism. Great beyond represents heaven, the morning song is there gospel of sorts, the store manager is the devil, the trash is hell, firewater is god, sex before marriage being sin, twisting the message of god, etc. Having all this I thought it would be a anti-theism movie and it kind of is. Still it has sympathy for people who believe in theism which I give it credit for. Stuff about unity and learning to work together to create a better future. Blah, blah, blah. It’s all pretty, Eh…

In the end they literally kill their gods. Which I am guessing is a metaphor for modern society and the decline of religion and rise of facts and science. I may be giving it to much credit though.

Back to my friends argument about the middle east metaphors. Ham-fisted is how I would describe it. Not subtle. I wonder where the part where the Jew and Muslim characters having sex with each other fit into that…  This movie tries to do more than just mindless jokes but I wouldn’t consider the execution of themes good. Never thought to myself, ‘oh, that was clever.’ The movie didn’t make me stop and think after the movie. Great movies do that. Watch Blade Runner 2049 for a master class of exploration themes and moral arguments. A movie that will leave you with a lot of think about.

I can also here someone say “But story doesn’t matter in comedies! It’s just an excuse for jokes!”. I would agree to certain extent. I am just covering this base for those who think this movie is deep.

The Douche, The useless character

If you remove him nothing in the movie would change. At all. Let’s look at the scenes he is in.

First the shopping cart scene. He is in there just being a douche figuratively to others in the shopping cart for ‘laughs’.

Next is the shopping cart crashes and the douche becomes injured and making him miss out on the great beyond. He is mad and blames the main character. I think this is supposed to set him up as the primary antagonist but that is not how that should work. The protagonist really could not care less about the Douche. The douche is just a road block. Anyway our characters get saved by the store manager cleaning up the mess. Nothing about the plot changes.

Fast forward a bit. The douche finds himself alone broken. Vows revenge and fixes himself up. With some more sexual innuendo. Nothing about the plot changes.

The main character goes to learn the truth of the beyond. You have a problem you need the other characters to have something to do. So here comes the douche. Chases them for a bit and they meet up with the main character later. Remove that part and nothing is affected.

The douche disappears for a while (if he did show up elsewhere it must have been a very unmemorable event).

He finally shows up during the final fight and ‘controls’ a human to try to kill the main character. He is dealt with and that is that. Remove the douche from the scene and not much would have changed.

Art best the character is a plot device. Very poorly written. Doesn’t integrate into themes and message of the movie (that I could tell).

Barry, The Dues Ex Machina


I should give some background to what a Dues Ex Machina. It translates to ‘god from machine’. In ancient Greek theater they had no idea how to solve the problems of their stories. So they would make a Greek God appear and solve the problem for the characters. This was done via a pulley system, ‘a machine’ if you will, that would lower the God character from a height into the scene. Thus we get Deus ex Machina. Bad stories have this. Writers will get themselves into predicaments and don’t know how to resolve the conflict of the story so they will make up some shit. A Dues Ex Machina of sorts is the eagles in Lord of the Rings.

So the Dues Ex Machina in Sausage Party. The main character has been rejected by everyone and doesn’t know what to do. The clock is ticking. A character literally shows up out of nowhere and tells him what he needs to do. Like a god from a machine the problem is solved by a bunch of characters out of nowhere. The main character doesn’t do much after that, the others do the rest and solve the problem for him.

So about the character that shows up out of nowhere. Barry the friend of the main character. In Barry’s last scene before he shows up is when he about to get thrown in a pot of boiling water and cuts away suddenly. We all know Barry is still alive, no one is fooled. Then seemingly out of nowhere (the vents) he shows up next to the main character and tells him what happened. The human that was going to drop him in the pot…missed. Barry ended up on the floor. The human slips and decapitates himself in an accident. Awesome. Best part after Barry explains that, then with the help with the other objects they were able to drive a car to the store and literally says ‘don’t worry about’ when wrapping up the nonsense that is that part of the story. None of it shown or explained. Just take the writers word for it. Don’t worry about he is just there now. Amazing.

Barry and the people he brought do most of the work. They start the fight back and the rest of supermarket is inspired by the actions and help kill the rest of the humans. End O’ Story. Orgy to celebrate.


What Seth Rogan movie is complete without a weed smoking scene. We get it Seth. You smoke.


The only people who should get any kudos for this film is the animators. They actually did their job well.

If you like it fine. I fucking hated it. I’m tired.