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Room 40 is a puzzle game for PC about learning to decipher and decode secret messages. Learn to break various methods of encryption used throughout history. Starting with basic methods used in ancient Greece and the advancement of these methods all the way through to complex ciphers used in WWII.

You play as Amy, who has just graduated from college and is struggling to find a job. She comes across a mysterious letter containing a secret message. She responds to the letter and is enlisted in a government agency as a code breaker. Hidden away in an undisclosed location, Room 40, is where the code breakers reside—spending their days trying to uncover the meaning behind secret messages.


  • 16 unique and challenging secret messages to solve.

  • 4 bonus secret messages to challenge the hardcore code breakers.

  • Included are analytical tools and techniques to use for revealing the true meaning of secret messages.

  • Learn about different types of secret messages and all the various forms they come in.

  • Become a master code breaker one step at a time - It is not beyond anyone to figure out what a secret message says armed with the right knowledge and tools.

Resources for crypt-analysis:


  • The name Room 40 comes from the British cryptanalysis group that was formed in 1914. They broke one of the most influential message of WWI. It was a German message to Mexico to enlist them to join their side and attack the US. Britain leaked this information and managed to bring the then neutral US into the war, shifting the tide of the war.

  • The zodiac killer ciphers. The game takes place in the US in the 60’s around the same era as the notorious ciphers.

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75% Positive Reviews

from 90 user reviews

Steam Reviews

"This a very fun puzzle/word game. There is a good story to go along with the good game play. I have done the first couple of puzzles and they are challenging but passable with some thought. It is a very well done game and worth the download."

- Prebuff

               Posted: 2 August, 2019

"The puzzles are very clever and in many cases very difficult. The interface can be a little clunky at times, but you get used to it. This game is definitely worth a look if you like puzzles and ciphers."

Drunk Octopus

                Posted: 18 June, 2020

"I really enjoyed the game and would recommend it to others if you like mystery games. You get to decipher codes, and if you can't figure it out, there are resources to help you. It's a short game, but it is well-designed."


               Posted: 6 June, 2020

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