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A meteorite is about to hit the town of Greensvale, and you don't have much time to find a way out!

You play as a teenage boy named Sean, who has the untapped ability to go back in time when he dies. Trapped in a time loop by the fiery death of a meteorite impact, you must find a way to either escape or save the town from destruction.

You are not alone, however - with the help of several other stragglers in the town you will have to solve problems and find a way to help everyone, or yourself – you choose!

Be wary, though, as nothing is as it seems in Gre
ensvale and secrets are waiting to be discovered around every corner!
Get ready your red string and corkboard as you try to piece everything together.


  • A single-player 2D puzzle adventure game with both challenging and rewarding logic-based puzzles.

  • The level of challenge you want to take on is up to you.

  • Complete freedom to explore the town of Greensvale.

  • Get what you want out if it - play-time is around 2 hours for the main ending and may take 15+ hours if you want to try to find all the endings.

  • Replay value - 14 different endings. If you want to find just one or all of them is up to you.

  • Collect items and clothing from around the town to help you solve puzzles and avoid dangers.

  • Thought system to help you keep track of different clues you may find.

  • Visually fresh and uniquely inspired by 90's cartoons and classic games like Earthbound.

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88% Positive Rating from 71 Reviews

Steam User Reviews

"This is one of those games that seem pretty simple, maybe even cheap, at first glance...
And thats exactly what it is - but it does not mean that its not fun! Those of you who like casual, small puzzle games, where you have to make yourself some notes here and there, or games that are so enriched with little details that reveal the full extent of the game only after repeatedly playing through... Those ones will most probably like this one! And in addition to that, there's this special "Donnie Darko"-atmosphere that resonates from this game... Something I would not have expected from this little piece of code lol."

- monokoma

             Posted: 24 March, 2019

“Very entertaining. Loved the references and humor. The puzzles were challanging without being impossible. Highly recommend!”

- SnowMercy

          Posted: 27 December, 2018

"This is a hidden gem of a game, the dialouge is funny, and the overall plot set's up a great intrigue, the puzzles are intuitive and often avoid typical adventure game pitfalls (I.e. a protagonist with wild kleptomania) , whilst not being to easy and laid out, a bloody brilliant game that deserves more attention"

- Lightsurge

                 Posted: 21 June, 2018

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