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You're at war!

Kill the enemy's Commander while protecting your own at all costs!

"...when someone excels in attacking, the enemy does not know where to mount his defense; when someone excels at defense, the enemy does not know where to attack...Thus he can act as the enemy's Master of Fate." - Sun Tzu

About the game

MASTER OF FATE is a, 2-player, fixed deck battle card game. It is a game about strategy. Your objective is to eliminate your opponent’s Master of War before they quash yours.

Assign ranks to your War Council members. Then with your army deck eliminate your opponent’s War Council cards while trying to keep your own in play.

How will you manage this balance?

Card Artwork by Cherylynn Lima

Balance attack and defense

Cards can be used as both an attack or defense.

Beautiful and unique card artwork

Artwork is inspired by Medieval Europe mixed with nature.

Quick setup and learning curve.

Learn in 15 minutes, finish in 15 minutes!

Make meaningful decisions that will have lasting effects


Game Rules


The game is no longer for sale!

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