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It's like UNO but with extra excitement, strategy, and skill. Unlike any game, you have played before!

Each player has the same deck contents but each player chooses any 6 cards for their starting hand. The feeling of deck building that is manageable for people of all skill levels. The first player to get rid of all their cards from their hand wins. Simple right?

You choose your strategy. Counter your opponent or believe in your tactics? Go defensive, balanced, or aggressive? Try for special win conditions? You choose. Express your creativity.

  • You choose the cards you start with. You control the strategy and not based on luck. No hoping that you draw the cards you need. Feeling of deck building in 5 minutes.

  • Same deck contents for all players. This means reading your opponent can be just as important as planning your own strategy. You know what they can pick so you can try to plan against what they might be scheming. This also means that the game is balanced and no player has an unfair advantage.

  • Special win conditions: Adds depth to the game. Try to blindside your opponent by going for a special win condition. You need to consider your opponent may want to do this as well.

  • 2 to 6 players: Playable with a wide variety of players.

  • No duplicates of cards in decks: Apart from 7 combo cards. The 20 action and 5 reaction cards are all 1-ofs in the deck. All have unique effects, a lot of options to choose from.

  • Rulebook is short in length: Easier to pick up and play in a short time. No unnecessary complexity. No overly convoluted rules.

  • 3 types of cards (Action, Reaction & Combo): Action cards are straightforward to use, play and use the effect. Reaction cards are for disrupting your opponent's plays. Combo cards are used for easy discards and if you gather 6 of them in your hand you instantly win.


6 x 32 card deck – All 6 decks are identical in content.

  • 20 Action cards

  • 5 Reaction cards

  • 7 Combo cards


The game is no longer for sale!

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